Former / Mould Cleaners

● GB-12

A light chlorinated cleaner formulated for effective removal of dirt, protein stains and residual stearates.

● PolyClean-EX100

A non-chlorinated alkaline cleaner for the purpose of export.

● PolyClean-EZi

A specially formulated alkaline cleaner for efficient removal of protein stains.

● PolyClean-EZ2

A high performance on-line cleaner for removal of residual stearates.

Poly-Era Chemicals’ cleaners are specially formulated to effectively and efficiently remove dirt, protein stains and residual stearates.

Note: These coagulant additives are unique blends of antitack agents that promote ease of stripping and “POWDER FREE" lean to the glove.

Coagulant Additives

● PolyCoag-20    ● PolyCoag-(30% TSC)

A unique blend of antitack agent to provide a smooth clean feel to the glove surface.

● PolyCoag-SR311

A new generation of antitack agent developed for NBR gloves that promotes the “Strip n Pack” process.

● PolyCoag-SR316

A hybrid antitack agent for easy preparation and ease in cleaning off residual stearates for economical usage.

● PolyCoag-QP119

A new proprietary blend of Potassium Stearates developed for colored NBR gloves.

● PolyCoag-QR801    ● PolyCoag-QR801L    ● G-88M

A powder free antitack agent designed to eliminate powder marks and impart a non-soapy feel to the glove when wet.

● PolySnP-45

A special preparation that can reduce the level of calcium carbonate in the coagulant and corn starch in the slurry tanks. End result, a soft and comfortable powder-less feel in the donning of gloves.

These coagulant additives are unique blends of antitack agents that promote ease of stripping and “POWDER FREE” clean feel to the glove.


Polymer Coatings

● PolyCoat-OFL502

A polymer dispersion for the off-line coating for natural gloves.

● PolyCoat-OFL505

A polymer dispersion for the off-line coating for both natural and nitrile gloves.

● PolyCoat-ONL702A    ● PolyCoat-ONL707    ● PolyCoat-300

A series of a proprietary blend of aqueous organic polymer dispersions that provide easy donning and excellent slip for on-line coating of NR gloves.

● PolyCoat-SF903

A silicone-free polymer dispersion for the on-line coating for both natural and nitrile gloves.

● PolyCoat-SYN805

A series of polymer dispersions for the on-line coating of nitrile gloves.

Our series of polymer coatings are proprietary blends of polymer dispersions that provide easy donning and excellent slip for on-line and off-line coating of various types of gloves.



● PolySurf       ● PolySurf-65

Fast and superior wetting properties. Also, effective at higher temperature.

These surfactants are fast acting, of superior quality and have consistency to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process.



● DF-800

Fast acting, non-silicone based defoamer and dewebber.

Latex Stabilizer

● PolyStab

For control of the stability of latex by preventing the formation of tiny flocs and coagulated latex lumps in the latex dipping tank.



● PolyCide-BT600

This is a broad spectrum biocide that protects polymers and slurries from bacterial growth.

● Colour Pigment Dispersions

A wide range of high performance colourants which are water based dispersions and APEO free.


Glove Dipping Process


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